The Sisters of Providence Care of St. Vincent de Paul Community Impact Fund

The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul made a significant gift in 2021 to establish the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul Community Impact Fund. The goal of the Fund is to provide grants to achieve transformative, sustainable, systems-level change in two issue areas:

1) ACEs & Resilience Stream

Help prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), mitigate the impacts of ACEs, and build resiliency generally in children, youth, families, and our community at large; and

2) Older Adults Connecting & Belonging (OACB) Stream

Reduce older adult’s social isolation and foster connection and belonging for older adults generally

Systems-level change involves improving structures, policies, and practices to better meet the needs of children, youth, families, and older adults in the KFL&A region. Funding from the Sisters Impact Fund will support innovation by bringing together interested parties committed to preventing and mitigating ACEs and/or fostering connection and belonging in older adults through building resiliency in in our community to achieve lasting impact.

Successful proposals will address gaps in community infrastructure that make it difficult to access and navigate existing programs, services, and supports. Through a collaborative approach, proposals will address the need for improved interactions with and between agencies and sectors. In some cases infrastructure may not exist, and new programming integrated within an existing system may be prioritized.

Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Improve access, navigability, and equity in program and service delivery
  • Engage multiple partners with shared goals for lasting improvements to local systems and ongoing collaboration
  • Demonstrate significant reach in terms of the number of individuals engaged and level of impact
  • Identify systemic barriers and forms of discrimination in current practices and use this knowledge to guide proposal planning

Applications should demonstrate a commitment to a consultative, collaborative, and inclusive process from program planning through to implementation and evaluation. They should aim to achieve collective transformation by engaging diverse individuals and sectors for maximum community impact and be developed in the spirit of reconciliation

Geographic Area

All projects must support communities in KFL&A:

  • City of Kingston
  • Townships of Central Frontenac, North Frontenac, South Frontenac, and Frontenac Islands
  • Town of Greater Napanee
  • Townships of Addington Highlands, Loyalist, and Stone Mills 

Specific Eligibility Criteria 

All projects must:

  • Have a well-defined purpose
  • Clearly explain and demonstrate financial need
  • Meet the eligibility criteria that applies to all CFKA’s granting programs
  • Even if the applicant organization is presently carrying out a project funded by CFKA, they are still eligible to apply for the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul Community Impact Fund. Applicant organizations must have submitted a final report for completed projects within 30 days and cannot have any outstanding final reports.

Grants for the following will not be considered:

  • to cover deficits or retire debts;
  • to provide endowment funds;
  • for sectarian, religious, or political purposes;
  • for any political campaign or attempts to influence legislation by any government body;
  • to individuals;
  • to respond to annual fund drives for sustaining support;
  • to contribute to major renovation or capital construction costs;
  • to provide money for fundraising activities.

How to Apply for Grant Funding 

Aces & Resilience Stream

Older Adults Connecting & Belonging Stream (coming soon)


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