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The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area holds over 225 endowment funds from which it makes charitable grants to support projects and organizations in our communities. We have four different granting programs, each with its own set of criteria, granting area, and application process.

Click on the links below to find program-specific information, eligibility criteria, and information on the application process and deadlines.

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General Eligibility for All Grants

The following eligibility requirements apply to all granting programs. In addition, each grant program has its own eligibility criteria (including granting area) so please review each program’s requirements carefully before applying.

  • Any applicant organization must be a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency or formally partnered with an organization that is either a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency or a municipality.
  • The applicant organization must have a strong community presence in the geographic area we serve through a local Board of Directors, a local, well-defined accountable committee, or a local office with strong community involvement.
  • All applications involving activities with primary and secondary schools must be accompanied by a Letter of Permission from the relevant School Board(s).
  • Any overdue final reports for previously completed projects funded by the Foundation must have been received.  

Our Granting Programs


Community Grants Program supports projects across the  KFL&A region, in our fields of interest: Arts & Culture, Children’s Mental Health, Community Development, Education & Literacy, Environment, Health & Social Services, Heritage Preservation, Recreation, and Youth. Applicants in the City of Kingston, all four Frontenac Townships and Loyalist Township may apply.  Our largest granting initiative , The Community Grants program granted $1,022,045 to 79 projects in 2022.

Regina Rosen Food First Fund Program provides a $1,000 grant each month to different food providing or food security organizations in our community to support a self-identified project or immediate requirement. Applicants in the City of Kingston, all four Frontenac townships and Loyalist Township may apply.

The Stark Family Fund Grants Program supports a broad spectrum of initiatives within Prince Edward County. In 2021, the Fund granted $50,000.

Nan Yeomans Grant for Artistic Development Program is administered by the Kingston Arts Council and funded by Nan Yeomans Fund held at the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area.

John Gerretsen Youth Leadership Award is a fund held at the Community Foundation and administered by Pathways to Education Kingston. The award is valued up to $2,000 and it supports the leadership development of students in Grades 9 – 12 , from Kingston and the Islands publically-funded schools, who would like to further develop their leadership skills.

The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul Community Impact Fund  seeks to achieve transformative, sustainable, systems-level change in two issue areas:
(1) Help prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), mitigate the impacts of ACEs, and build resiliency generally in children, families, and our community at large; and
(2) Reduce older adult’s social isolation and foster connection and belonging for older adults generally. 


APPLY NOW: CFKA Grants Portal


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 When you give to the Community Foundation you can have confidence that your community will continue to benefit from your gift for many years to come.

2023 Year End Tax Tips

 Both the federal and provincial governments offer donations tax credits that, in combination, can result in tax savings of up to 55% of the value of your gift in 2023, depending on your province or territory of residence. With total cash donations up to $200 in a year, the federal donation credit is 15% of the donation amount. For total donations exceeding $200 in a year, the federal donation credit jumps to 29% (33% to the extent taxable income exceeds $235,675) of the donation amount. Provincial donation credits are also available and the total credit may be up to 55% once total annual donations exceed the $200 in a calendar year.

December 31 is the last day to make a donation and get a tax receipt for 2023. You can help a wide range of charities with a single gift to our endowed Community Fund, support your favourite charity or cause by giving to one of our over 225 funds, or establish your own fund.

Credit Card or VISA Debit Card

If you’re ready to make your gift now, then use our secure online giving page. You have the option of choosing any one of our funds, giving ‘in memory of/in honour of’ instructions, and more. Or, if you prefer, you can simply call 613-546-9696 to make your donation over the phone using your Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX, or VISA Debit card. You can make a one-time gift, or sign up to make a regular monthly donation.


Please make your cheque payable to Community Foundation for Kingston & Area (or “CFKA”), and write your intended fund in the memo line.  Drop it off or mail to: 275 Ontario Street, Suite #100, Kingston, ON, K7K 2X5.

Publicly-Traded Securities 

Gifting publicly-traded securities, including mutual funds and segregated funds, with accrued capital gains “in-kind” to a registered charity or a foundation not only entitles you to a tax receipt for the fair market value of the security being donated, it eliminates capital gains tax too. You should plan gifts in-kind well before year end, to allow for sufficient time to make arrangements. A gift of publicly-traded securities is the transfer of ownership of stocks or bonds to the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area. If you own shares that have increased in value, 50 per cent of the capital gains are taxable. However, if you donate these shares in-kind to CFKA, the gain is tax-exempt. Learn more.

Form 1: Direction to Transfer Securities or Mutual Funds Electronically as a Charitable Donation Complete Form 1 to give your financial advisor/broker the instructions to make the gift to CFKA. The form contains all the information your advisor will need to make the transfer. They will then submit this form to our broker at CIBC Wood Gundy to advise that the transfer is pending.

Form 2: Notice of Transfer of Securities
Complete Form 2 and send it to CFKA to advise us of your gift, and instruct as to what you would like your donation to support.

Proposed Changes to Alternative Minimum Tax

Tax Element Current AMT Regime Proposed AMT Changes
Tax Rate and exception level 15% flat tax rate on an adjusted taxable income in excess of a $40,000 exemption 20.5% flat tax rate on an adjusted taxable income in excess of a $173,000 exemption
Calculating the adjusted taxable income for AMT purposes 100% of non-refundable tax credits included. 50% of non-refundable tax credits included.
Treatment of donations of publicly listed securities 0% of capital gains from donations of publicly listed securities included. 30% of capital gains from donations of publicly listed securities included.

Your AMT may be higher in 2024 (compared to 2023) if your taxable income is over about $173,000, and you have income taxed at lower rates than ordinary income, or deductions or credits that reduce taxes payable, including: Capital gains, Stock options,  Canadian dividends, Unused non-capital losses, net capital losses, or limited partnership losses from prior years, and  Non-refundable tax credits, including the donation tax credit. Speak to your tax profession to see how AMT could affect your situation in 2024, and, if appropriate, to consider triggering a gain or exercising employee stock options.

Contact us at 613.546.9696 or if you need any further assistance.


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