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The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area holds over 225 endowment funds from which it makes charitable grants to support projects and organizations in our communities. We have four different granting programs, each with its own set of criteria, granting area, and application process.

Click on the links below to find program-specific information, eligibility criteria, and information on the application process and deadlines.

General Eligibility for ALL Grants

The following eligibility requirements apply to all granting programs. In addition, each grant program has its own eligibility criteria (including granting area) so please review each program’s requirements carefully before applying.

  • Any applicant organization must be a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency or formally partnered with an organization that is either a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency or a municipality.
  • The applicant organization must have a strong community presence in the geographic area we serve through a local Board of Directors, a local, well-defined accountable committee, or a local office with strong community involvement.
  • All applications involving activities with primary and secondary schools must be accompanied by a Letter of Permission from the relevant School Board(s).
  • Any overdue final reports for previously completed projects funded by the Foundation must have been received.

Our Granting Programs

Community Grants Program supports projects in all our fields of interest. Preference is given to projects that align with our Smart & Caring Community priority areas. Applicants in the City of Kingston, all four Frontenac Townships and Loyalist Township may apply.

Regina Rosen Food First Fund Program provides a $1,000 grant each month to different food providing or food security organizations in our community to support a self-identified project or immediate requirement. Applicants in the City of Kingston, all four Frontenac townships and Loyalist Township may apply.

The Stark Family Fund Grants Program supports a broad spectrum of initiatives within Prince Edward County.

Nan Yeomans Grant for Artistic Development Program is administered by the Kingston Arts Council and funded by Nan Yeomans Fund held at the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area.


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