Our Impact


How We Help

We serve our community as a partner and resource. Amongst the many things we do, we:

  • Promote philanthropy and build connections between donors and good works
  • Manage endowment funds that provide financial grants to a wide range of charities
  • Run a Community Grants program (Kingston & Area) and Stark Family Fund ( Prince Edward County) program that provide grants to local charities for local projectsthrough an open application process.
  • Encourage discussion on topics that matter to us as a community, through our Speaker Series, and producing annual community impact reports.

By the Numbers

  • $31.0 million in assets (pooled endowment funds) as of December 31, 2023.
  • 367+ local charities supported through our Community Grants Program
  • $15+ million granted since the Foundation was established in 1995
  • 240+ endowment funds managed for people, families, businesses, and charities

In 2023 , we granted 407 grants, totalling over $1.549 million, through our Community Grants, Stark Family Fund, Community Service Recovery Fund, Donor-Advised, and Donor-Designated grants programs.  

What Our Community Members Are Saying

“The work of CFKA makes me very proud to be a Kingstonian!”

“CFKA accomplishes a great deal with its limited resources.”

“I feel inspired by the Community Foundation to do more.”

“It’s reassuring when you give money, to know its going to be well used and that the Grants Committee ensure that there is accountability.”

“The projects that the Community Foundation fund really allow our community to thrive.”


 All this is possible thanks to the generosity of our hundreds of donors.

By pooling all donations – large and small – we are able to multiply the impact of your gift dollar. The investment approach used by CFKA is a passive-based approach that tracks broad market indices. We have chosen this approach because it is a very low cost approach to investing, which keeps more money in our endowment funds, and we mitigate company-specific risk by spreading our risk amongst all the company participants in the indices we use.  All funds are under the stewardship of our Board of Directors and its Investment Committee, with the advice of our professional investment advisor, so you can be assured your donations are well managed.



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