Smart & Caring Community Funds


Smart & Caring Funds are nimble and flexible, allowing the Foundation to invest in identified priority community needs.  Priorities are set and reviewed regularly and may shift over time. As an ‘enhanced spending fund’ these funds allow us to get more money more quickly to areas where they are needed most.

Our Smart & Caring Community Funds include: 

  • Smart & Caring Community Fund (our main pooled fund, established thanks the generosity of our Founding Contributors who each pledged $10,000 or more)
  • Bill & Nancy Gray Fund
  • Jim & Julie Parker Fund
  • K-Town Tri Legacy Fund
  • Peter Hartel Community Fund
  • Regina (Gini) Rosen Fund
  • Sandiford Family Fund
  • Skolnick Family Fund

To learn about the history of our Smart & Caring Community Fund, click here.

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