Donor Advised Funds


Donor Advised Funds allow you or your family annual participation in selecting the agencies or projects that will benefit from your gift. Foundation staff can provide guidance as you make your choice.

Donor Advised funds include:

  • Alcan Endowment Fund
    Supports organizations serving North Kingston, with an emphasis on youth and civic activities.
  • Amherst Island Fund
    Created with a generous donation from residents Beverly and Bill Harris to promote artistic endeavors on the Island.
  • Assante Financial Management – Fenlon Division Endowment Fund
    Supports the philanthropic activities in Kingston and Area of the Assante Financial Management-Fenlon Division financial advisors.
  • Bob & Margaret Fund
  • Cameron and Laurie Thompson Fund
    Provides support to Community Grants projects selected by the Thompson family.
  • Caroline Seidi Farrell Burman Wessely Weiss Fund
    Provides a source of support to charities selected by Ms. Farrell.
  • Getting Started: Supporting Early Childhood Development Fund
    Supports programs which include parental education and training as they apply to young children, and programs which emphasize the role music plays in early childhood development.
  • Heeyun and Robert Brandon Memorial Fund
    Provides ongoing support to the community, in their memory.
  • Henry & Loretta Lee Legacy Fund
    Established by the Lee Family to support the needs of newcomers in our community.
  • Kau-sha-lya Fund
    Established by the Datta family to support Cantabile Choirs.
  • Kingston & District HR Leadership Award Fund
    Established by the local Human Resources Professionals Association to provide an award to graduating students pursuing a career in the human resources profession who demonstrate commitment to learning and community involvement.
  • Kiok Han (Kwan) Memorial Fund
    Provides ongoing support to the community, in her memory.
  • Margaret and George W. Bracken Community Fund
    Assists charities in the Kingston and Smiths Falls areas, two communities to which the Brackens feel a special tie.
  • McArthur Connidis Arts Fund
    Supports the development and promotion of visual arts in Kingston.
  • Parker Family Fund
    Supports charities and projects as selected by the donor.
  • Peter and Frances Splinter Fund
    Established in 1998 by the Splinter family to benefit selected charities.
  • Robert and Judith Mackenzie Fund
    Supports the Foundation’s Community Grants Program.
  • Sam & Marie Kingston Family Fund
    Supports local charities as selected by the Kingston family annually.
  • Terry Harris Endowment Fund
    Supports families of prisoners or those impacted by incarceration.
  • The Bronskill Group Fund
    Supports charities and projects as selected by donor.
  • The Milsome Fund
    Supports charities selected by the donor each year.
  • The Ritchie Fund
    Established in 2015 to honour a family member. Each year the family decides which charities they wish to support.
  • Wilson Family Fund
    Supports a variety of charities working in areas such as health, education and seniors at risk.

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