Field of Interest Funds


Field of Interest Funds allow you to identify one of our 9 focus areas that you wish to support. Grant recipients are determined by the Foundation’s Community Grants Committee, ensuring that the fund remains responsive to the communities’ needs while supporting your interests.

We hold a variety of such funds:

  • Arts & Culture Community Fund
    Supports wide variety of projects to enhance arts and culture broadly in our community.
  • Bill and Gladys Kelly Community Fund
    Helps to provide recreation opportunities for children in our community.
  • Chown Fund
    Provides grants for environmental and historical conservation projects.
  • David Middleton North End Development Fund
    Contributes to North End of Kingston projects supporting the areas of food, arts and culture, social service support for disadvantaged people, neighborhood improvement, alternative conflict resolution, and increased access to personal education.
  • Douglas Branton Fell Memorial Fund
    In memory of Albert and Christa Fell’s son Douglas; benefits environment and heritage projects.
  • Edward Ratcliffe Fund
    Supports developing art and artists in our community.
  • Elisabeth Heney Fund for Literacy
    Funds projects in the area of literacy improvement.
  • Environmental Legacy Fund
    Initiated by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and distributed to local environmental projects.
  • First Capital Community Development Fund
    Supports projects by local charitable organizations that contribute to community economic development in our area, such as job training and creation, and funded from earnings from loans issued through our small business loan program.
  • Health and Social Services Community Fund
    Supports a wide variety of projects that address health and social services.
  • Helping Hands for those with Disabilities Fund
    Supports housing for persons with special needs or who are homeless.
  • Howe Island Community Fund
    Funds projects benefiting the community of Howe Island.
  • Infant Mental Health: Building Resiliency for a Lifetime Fund
    Supports projects and programs in our community that foster the development of strong infant mental health (from prenatal to thirty six weeks) by supporting optimal development and well-being in infants and their families.
  • John Gerretsen Youth Leadership Fund
    To provide an annual student award to support the leadership development of youth within the boundaries of Kingston and the Islands.
  • Kingston Whig-Standard Literacy Fund
    Dedicated to supporting literacy services for children and adults in The Kingston Whig-Standard’s distribution area.
  • Kingston Youth Science and Technology Fund
    Created with the objective to increase youth participation in events and programs related to science and technology.
  • Laszlo Acs Memorial Fund
    To support the development of strong infant mental health (from prenatal to 36 months) by supporting optimal development and well-being in infants and their families.
  • L. Carolyn Dundas Fund in Support of Mental Health
    Created to help relieve the pain of children, youth and adults suffering from anxiety and depression, with the goal of preventing suicide.
  • Loyalist Parkway Fund
    Provides a source of support to sustain projects along the Loyalist Parkway.
  • Marguerite Bourgeoys Housing Fund
    Supports initiatives related to affordable housing in Kingston and surrounding area.
  • Marion and John Dunn Fund
    Provides support for Kingston and area and Leeds County children and youth activities, education and welfare, including, but not limited to, assistance and encouragement for special-needs and/or disadvantaged children.
  • Marion Meyer Opportunity Fund
    Established with a gift from Henry and Marion Meyer, supports education and training initiatives.
  • Marla & Gregg Rosen Fund
    Supports youth initiatives in the community, as selected by youth advisors where possible.
  • Mrs. Rupert Davies Fund
    Supports musical projects in Kingston and area.
  • Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund
    Reduces barriers to recreation for young people in our community.
  • Opportunities Kingston Fund
    Continues the organization’s work by helping disadvantaged individuals develop small businesses.
  • Regina Rosen Food First Fund
    Supports various food-providing organizations in our community by distributing $1,000 each month to self-identified projects or for immediate requirements.
  • Richard Moorehouse Fund
    Supports social service projects.
  • Robert W. Clark Endowment Fund
    In support of the development of young men and women through education in mentorship, giving people a ‘hand up’, and strengthening the governance of local charitable organizations.
  • Russell and Susan Park Memorial Fund
    Helps uplift disadvantaged women and young people in the broader Kingston community.
  • Ruth and Stu Barton Environmental Fund
    Supports environmental initiatives in memory of a beloved couple dedicated to their community.
  • Seniors Community Grant Fund
    This fund will be used for projects that support seniors.
  • Staff Appreciation Fund
    Established by the honorary life members of the Community Foundation, in acknowledgment of the ongoing hard work and support that is provided on a daily basis by Foundation staff.
  • Stark Family Fund
    Benefits citizens in Prince Edward County and specifically Bloomfield, home to the late Stark family.
  • Sunnyside Children’s Fund
    Supports the promotion of children’s mental health and the delivery of innovative children’s mental health programs and services that address a demonstrated need in the community or to facilitate agencies in the Community in partnering to more innovatively and/or effectively deliver the same.
  • Tha’teioneniienawa’khontie: In the Spirit of Cooperation Fund
    To support projects led by local First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples to nurture the healing and wellness of the Katarokwi community and area served by the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area.
  • The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund
    This fund was established to fund projects to advance the arts in the City of Kingston and to provide services for the community.
  • Theda Anderson Fund
    Supports projects that benefit seniors and/or children and youth.
  • The Henry Fund
    Supports projects that address mental health through taking a preventative approach by encouraging community engagement and fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Thomson & Beaman Fund
    Supports innovative approaches to help at-risk children and their families.
  • Valerie Robertson Women in Theatre Fund
    In support of Arts & Culture, specifically theatre-related projects with a strong interest in projects that encourage young women’s participation in theatre.
  • YAC Youth Endowment Fund
    Created by our Youth Advisory Committee to support a wide variety of youth initiatives. Grants are awarded for youth, by youth.
  • Young Adults Mental Health Fund
    Dedicated to supporting the mental health needs of young adults, especially those aged 18-24 years.
  • Youth Community Fund
    Supports a wide variety of projects that benefit youth in our community.


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