Gifts of Securities Information

A few things to note about gifting securities:

    • DO NOT SELL the securities yourself; they must be gifted in-kind to the Foundation following the process explained here.
    • Complete these two easy-to-to complete forms:

Form 1: Direction to Transfer Securities or Mutual Funds Electronically as a Charitable Donation

Complete this form to give your financial advisor/broker the instructions to make the gift to the Foundation. The form contains all the information your advisor will need to make the transfer. He/she will then submit this form to our broker to advise that the transfer is pending.

Form 2: Notice of Transfer of Securities

Complete this form and send it to us to advise us of your gift, and instruct as to what you would like your donation to support.


What happens after I have made the gift? 

  • You will receive an official donation receipt for income tax purposes for the value of the securities when they are received by us.
  • Following our policy and best practice, they are then sold by our broker as soon as possible (usually the morning of the next trading day).
    • Due to this short trading delay, there is often a gain or loss on the sale of the security; this impacts the actual proceeds available for distribution, but not the amount on your receipt.
    • The net proceeds from the sale (proceeds less fees) are available for distribution per your instructions.

Note: There are no fees charged by the Foundation for gifts directed to any funds held with us, but a small administration fee is charged for “flow through” gifts that are directed to other charities.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of donating appreciated securities.

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