Our Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles


Our Vision

A vibrant creative community where everyone has the opportunity to take part in building a caring, healthy and culturally rich community.

Our Mission

We strengthen our community by connecting the generosity of donors with the energy and ideas of people and charities addressing local community needs.


Our Guiding Principles

Do more listening than speaking:

By listening we will better understand the needs of the community and our donors, and we will therefore be in a better position to respond.


We will be responsive to community needs now and as they may evolve or emerge.


We are entrusted to be good stewards of people’s donations; building and maintaining trust is essential in all we do.

Nurture our Relationships:

We will be more successful in our activities if we have good relationships with others.


We strive to serve the whole community- to do so, we will continue to learn about and from all community members by inviting and encouraging diversity.

Together is Better:

We believe we can accomplish more by working together, so we will work collaboratively with other stakeholders to minimize duplication and maximize impact.


We recognize that it is the contributions of many that enables the work we do; donors, volunteers, staff and partners, and we will express our gratitude for their support.


275 Ontario Street Suite #100
Kingston, ON K7K 2X5
Phone: 613.546.9696
Fax: 613.531.9238
Email: info@cfka.org

Community Foundation for Kingston & Area