2019 Grants

$325,595 granted to 44 agencies

Fall 2019 Community Grants

Arts & Culture

Agnes Etherington Centre – $7,100

Art and Wellness Symposium 

Funding from the Arts & Culture Community Fund, McNevin Family Fund, Edward Ratcliffe Fund, The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund, Peter Hartel Community Fund, Skolnick Family Fund

The Art and Wellness Symposium will bring together those in the Kingston community who are both practicing in the Art and Wellness field such as Providence Care and KGH facilitators, and those who are interested in learning how artmaking and art appreciation can impact the health, well being and social cohesion of communities.

Kingston Chapter of Autism Ontario – $6,000

Creating Social Opportunities for Adults with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Community 

Funding from the Eddie Bak Memorial Fund, Gordon Barr Ltd. Fund, Helping Hands for those with Disabilities Fund, The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund, Ellen Shepherd Community Fund, Cyril E. Wharrie and Evelyn D. Wharrie Fund

The goal of the program is to provide a series of Activity Based Programs that would allow Adults with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the opportunity to experience the arts and physical activities like music, visual arts, dance, drama. boxing, cross fit.

Kingston School of Art – $2,300

Improved Access to Art Programs – Course Registration System 

Funding from the Michael Potter Memorial Fund, The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund

Kingston School of Art’s current registration system for courses (an excel spread sheet) is cumbersome with repetition and duplication of information required for each program and every session. This grant will help replace the current system with an online registration system to improve the efficiency and ease of registration for all members.

Children’s Mental Health

Canadian Families and Corrections Network – $ 8,126

Making Connections – Supportive Events for Children 

Funding from the Terry Harris Endowment Fund, Gordon Barr Ltd. Fund, The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund, Gordon F. Tompkins Funeral Home Children’s Endowment Fund

Canadian Families and Corrections Network (CFCN) runs a Visitor Resource Centre inside many Kingston area prisons. They welcome families to prison visits and offering information, referrals, education, interim support/intervention and provide an opportunity for families to discuss the difficulties that they may face in confidence. This grant will allow CFCN to expand this work with a pilot project inside Collins Bay Institution (CBI) to offer supportive event days for children.

KFL&A Children & Youth Planning Committee – $21,850

KFL&A Rural Transportation Project 

Funding from the Smart & Caring Community Fund, Sunnyside Children’s Fund, Ronald & Mildred Grant Family Fund, Ross and Suzanne Kilpatrick Fund, Richard Moorehouse Fund

Lack of transportation in Kingston & Area’s communities continues to be an obstacle for rural children and youth. This often means youth and families have difficulties accessing needed services, attending social events, participating in sports and leisure activities.  Most agencies in KFL&A have a small transportation budget or program. This project will take a systemic view of rural transportation by supporting planning among agencies to see how transportation services can be coordinated so that more children, youth and families can not only access the services they need, but also participate in community activities to support their overall wellbeing and feeling a sense of inclusion in their community.

The Psychology Clinic at Queen’s – $13,000

Identifying Support Needs to Keep Kids in School 

Funding from the Health & Social Services Community Fund, Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Charitable Foundation, Sunnyside Children’s Fund, Young Adults Mental Health Fund, Youth Community Fund

The program will focus on providing psychological consultation and assessments for children and youth who are struggling to learn and stay in school, and need help identifying appropriate supports at school and in the community. The program will provide direct services to the Kingston and surrounding areas, and we will partner with Pathways to Education­Kingston (PtoE) (a program designed to increase high school graduation rates and support students attending post­secondary), to identify high priority clients.

Community Development

Kingston Community Health Centre – Immigrant Services Kingston Area (ISKA) – $10,023

Art and Play Wellness Group 

Funding from the Henry & Loretta Lee Legacy Fund, David Middleton North End Development Fund, Smart & Caring Community Fund, Bill & Nancy Gray Fund, Regina (Gini) Rosen Fund

Earlier this year, Immigrant Services Kingston Area (ISKA) facilitated the first two Art and Play Based Therapy Groups and was met with a great demand for more. This grant will allow the project to continue to provide newcomer children and their families learn basic strategies for the healthy expression of difficult emotions.

Education & Literacy

Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston – $7,000

Reading and Robots Rock Summer 2020

Funding from the Alcan Endowment Fund, Marion Meyer Opportunity Fund, David C. Riley Fund, Kingston Whig-Standard Literacy Endowment Fund

Reading and Robots Rock ran a very successful summer camp program in 2019 for youth with learning disabilities. The grant will allow the Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston offer the program again in the summer of 2020 and add an additional week of camp due to unmet client demand in 2019.


Land Conservancy for Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington – $3,650

A sustainable model for an annual Passport to Nature 

Funding from the Ruth and Stu Barton Environmental Fund, Douglas Branton Fell Memorial Fund, Anne & Bill Patterson Community Fund, Cyril E. Wharrie and Evelyn D. Wharrie Fund

The grant will allow the Land Conservancy to hire a skilled administrator to build on the success of the 2019 Passport to Nature and help prepare and document the process for the 2020 edition. In future years, a small team of volunteers can put together the annual Passport easily and efficiently.

Health & Social Services

Partners in Mission Food Bank – $1,500

Walk-In Freezer Repairs 

Funding from the Bob & Margaret Fund

The walk-in freezer at the Partners in Mission Food Bank was installed in 2011 using a donated door that doesn’t fit snugly. This misalignment creates ice builds up in the entrance walls and on the threshold creating a trip & slip hazard.  This grant will help contribute to the cost of replacing the door to help eliminate that risk as well as reducing the amount the unit needs to run, which will in turn reduce electricity bills and maintenance issues.

Resolve Counselling Services Canada – $13,000

WISP (Women’s Intensive Support Program) 

Funding from the Assante Financial Management-Fenlon Division Endowment Fund, Russell and Susan Park Memorial Fund, The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund, Sandiford Family Fund, Jim & Julie Parker Fund, Neil Currie Davis Fund, Richard Moorehouse Fund

This project involves piloting a new initiative in Resolve’s Women’s Program, that will offer quick access to services to women who have experienced Intimate Partner Violence or Childhood Sexual Abuse. The Women’s Intensive Support Program (WISP) will enable women to attend a weekly drop­in to see a counsellor for assessment, safety planning, and case management.

The Poverty Challenge – $24,637

The Poverty Challenge -Next Level  

Funding from the Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund, Regina (Gini) Rosen Fund, K-Town Tri Legacy Fund, Ruth and Stu Barton Community Fund, Rescue Donor Fund, The Tragically Hip Community Fund, Robert W. Clark Endowment Fund, Community Fund

The Poverty Challenge is an experiential learning activity that was created by a small group of volunteers in 2009. It has been offered to groups for over 10 years. This grant will allow the originators to update all the materials used in this activity and the associated do-it-yourself kit, including developing 10 new case study profiles and holding three targeted learning events this year.


Kingston Community Health Centres – $23,870

Pathways to Education – Becoming Trauma Responsive

Funding from the Alcan Endowment Fund, Community Fund, Larry Gibson Community Fund, Aaron and Norma Palmer Endowment Fund, Woodbury Enterprises We Care Charitable Youth Fund, Smart & Caring Community Fund

The goal of this project is to increase awareness of the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).    Kingston Community Health Centres and the Pathways to Education team will arrange for and facilitate Trauma Responsiveness training for community partners who support children and youth in Kingston & Area. These efforts will better support children and youth, and we hope to help Kingston become widely recognized as a leader in trauma responsive care.

La Salle Intermediate and Secondary School Environmental Club – $9,000

Gould Lake Centre 

Funding from the Community Fund, Phil Quattrochi Memorial Fund, Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund, Frank & Sarah Good Memorial Fund, William Cherry Fund

The La Salle Outers Club’s provides students with an experience that will teach life-long skills for outdoor pursuits and helps foster an appreciation of the value of the natural world and how to travel safely in outdoor settings. This grant will be used to replace aging equipment for the Limestone District School Board’s Gould Lake Outdoor Centre allowing more students to access the canoe tripping program as well as provide better equipment for all Board students who attend the Centre.

Spring 2019 Community Grants

Arts & Culture

Corporation of Loyalist Township – $3,000

Summer Arts, Culture & Heritage Series 

From the Loyalist Parkway Fund, Edward Ratcliffe Fund

Loyalist Township in partnership with many community organizations and individuals is excited to launch the Summer Arts, Culture and Heritage Series. With the distribution of enhanced promotional materials and the engagement within the community, new and unique arts, cultural and heritage opportunities will be offered throughout the summer months.

H’art Centre of Smiles Inc – $9,000

The Love of Dance 

From the Edward Ratcliffe Fund

From August to December 2019, H’art Centre will engage a Lead Choreographer to audition, supervise and guide six new local dance choreographers who will collaborate with 60 adult dancers with disabilities to create six original dance works for a production to be staged at Isabel Bader Human Rights Arts Festival in April 2020.

The Kingston Prize Association – $5,105

Faces of Canada 

From the McArthur Connidis Arts Fund, The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund, Robert & Judith Mackenzie Fund

The Faces of Canada Program, a project of the Kingston Prize is a unique educational opportunity for local youth and seniors. The Kingston Prize is a Canada-wide portrait competition and exhibition for contemporary artists embracing the Canadian identity and culture. Thanks to the CFKA grant, this program will give participants an opportunity to discover their own artistic ability and engage in a national event, within their own community, one face at a time.

Children’s Mental Health

Helen Tufts Nursery School – $6,331

Multi-sensory Corner 

From the Sunnyside Children’s Fund

With a generous grant from CFKA Helen Tuft’s Nursery School will purchase furnishings and equipment to create an inviting Multi-sensory Corner in their new classroom at the Kingston Boys and Girls Club (downtown). The Multi-sensory comer is inspired by “Snoezelen Rooms”, which provide calming sensory experiences through lighting, colours, tactile materials and music.

Islamic Society of Kingston – $18,000

Building Resilience in Syrian Refugee Families-Focus on Refugee Youth and Family Mental Health 

From the Sunnyside Children’s Fund, The Audrey and Peter Scholes Memorial Fund

The Islamic Society of Kingston and Kingston Health Science Centre will implement a series workshops for refugee youth and their families on the resettlement stress and mental health issues they may have. We also aim to facilitate the youth to successfully integrate into the Canadian school system.

Community Development

Kingston Community Health Centre- Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) – $10,500

#SayHello Extension 

From Aaron and Norma Palmer Endowment Fund, The Community Fund

Kingston Immigration Partnership’s #SayHello campaign aims to reduce racism, discrimination and exclusion in Kingston. The second phase of the campaign will include the production of videos and promotional material to invite residents to learn and reflect on what they can do to make our city a place where everyone feels welcome, accepted, included and valued. KIP, in partnership with other organizations, will deliver a retreat for local high school students who will then become inclusion advocates in their school.

Education & Literacy

Lake Effects Robotics – $14,870

Lake Effect S.T.O.R.M. 

From the Elisabeth Heney Fund for Literacy, Kingston Youth Science and Technology Fund, David Middleton North End Development Fund, Wilson Family Fund, Robert W. Clark Endowment Fund, The Community Fund

Project Lake Effect S.T.O.R.M. is a partnership between local high school members of robotics team 2708 and grade 7 & 8 students who will be attending the new Kingston secondary school. The of aim of project is to increase student engagement and develop positive peer relationships with secondary students that possess a growth mindset towards learning. This will be achieved through the planned involvement of problem-based learning with Robotics and STEM activities.

Queens University Biological Station, Elbow Lake Education Centre – $9,000

Navigating the Landscape at Elbow Lake 

From the Marion and John Dunn Fund, Environmental Legacy Fund, Douglas Branton Fell Memorial Fund, Marion Meyer Opportunity Fund, Kingston Whig-Standard Literacy Endowment Fund, The Community Fund

The “Navigating the Landscape” program at Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre will provide the opportunity for youth to actively experience their local environment while learning how to use GPS technology. Using the requested equipment and bus subsidy, youth and new Canadians will access and explore the environment around them. This will inspire local youth to feel connected with the environment around them and be empowered to become environmental stewards.


Cycle Kingston – $5,075

Special Event Bicycle Parking Social Enterprise 

From the Ruth and Stu Barton Environmental Fund, Opportunities Kingston Fund, Smart & Caring Community Fund

Cycle Kingston will launch a safe, secure valet bicycle parking social enterprise staffed by youth seeking job experience. The service will be available for hire by special event and festival organizers as a value-add to their event, to make their event more bicycle-friendly.

Wintergreen Studios – $3,283

Project Bee 

From the McArthur Connidis Arts Fund, Ruth and Stu Barton Community Fund

Project Bee is a local program with national and international potential. By establishing an apiary at Wintergreen, coupled with year-round workshops, we will educate the general public about maintaining healthy bee populations. Project Bee will also enable local schools to join the Bee City Canada school network. Students will have an opportunity to exchange knowledge with beekeepers in Saudi Arabia through a school in Riyadh, addressing a global challenge through local actions.

Health & Social Services

Breast Cancer Action Kingston – $14,770

Lymphedema Management for Breast Cancer Survivors 

From The Tragically Hip Community Fund, Smart & Caring Community Fund

Breast cancer survivors very often develop lymphedema, a condition which may lead to life threatening infections or cancer. The funds will help sufferers manage their condition with special compression garments, massage, special exercises and swimming, and make them able to maintain function of their arms and hands. This will substantially enhance the quality of life of lymphedema sufferers and their families.

Ongwanada – $14,000

Accessible Community Garden 

From the Marion and John Dunn Fund, Helping Hands for those with Disabilities Fund, Russell and Susan Park Memorial Fund, Smart & Caring Community Fund, Sandiford Family Fund

The Ongwanada Community Garden will be renovated to reduce barriers improve accessibility and create new opportunities for meaningful participation. The garden will have multiple raised garden beds (for front and side access), vertical gardens, large scale sensory elements and accessible seating (with and without shade). The garden is will be an inclusive space, welcoming new and experienced gardeners alike.

R.K.Y Camp – $8,946

Commercial Kitchen Equipment 

From the Bill and Gladys Kelly Community Fund, Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund, Larry Gibson Community Fund

It is said that a kid’s camp marches on its stomach. Purchased in 1984, the current flat top grill and oven have reached the end of their service life. Providing 600 nutritious and delicious meals to active RKY campers each and every day is highly dependent upon commercial grade cooking equipment. The new 36” flat-top griddle with an oven and holding cabinet will enable the camp to continue to hire knowledgeable cooking staff dedicated to cooking healthy meals for youth and kids.

Rural Frontenac Community Service – $5,500

Share the Ride So No One Gets Left Behind 

From the Anonymous #2 Endowment Fund, Ruth and Stu Barton Community Fund, Ellen Shepherd Community Fund

Rural transportation has been an issue for decades in Frontenac County. With this ride share program we can connect more residents to social events, medical appointments and shopping so more people can participate fully in the community. Without this service, some residents will continue to be isolated, food insecure and lonely, especially low-income individuals and families.

South Frontenac Community Services Corporation – $10,041

Home Making Services for Rural Seniors 

From Theda Anderson Fund, Richard Moorehouse Fund, Seniors Community Grant Fund, Jim and Julie Parker Fund, The Community Fund

Southern Frontenac Community Services will be able to provide Home Making services to more physically and financially vulnerable seniors, allowing them to remain living at home safely.

Heritage Preservation

Clarendon & Miller Community Archives – $6,650

Unravelling History-One Tombstone at a Time 

From the Robert W. Clark Endowment Fund, Chown Fund, The Smart & Caring Community Fund

“Unravelling History- One Tombstone at a Time” is Clarendon & Miller Community Archives’ creation of a worldwide searchable on-line database providing historical reference and research of the local cemeteries in North Frontenac, with images to link families with their ancestors and village settlements via a website.



YMCA of Kingston – $11,000

Eco Camp 

From the Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund, Larry Gibson Community Fund

Through the YMCA- ECO CAMP, local children will discover what previous generations took for granted:

that outdoor exploration and play is critical to overall wellbeing and happiness. With generous funding from the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area, 175 children aged 6-12 will defy the trends of modern life and establish an active, healthy connection to our natural world.



Camp Outlook – $7,468

Youth Leadership Program 

From the Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund, Cameron & Laurie Thompson Fund

Camp Outlook offers young people a chance to develop their inner strength, self-worth and capacity to succeed. Since 1970, Camp Outlook has provided back-country canoe tips at no cost to youth from the Kingston Area. We are excited to be offering a growing program this year, to build leadership skills and community engagement with youth from the Kingston area, on a nine-day canoe trip in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Regina Rosen Food First Fund

Each recipient is given a $1,000 grant to support their efforts.

Dawn House – purchase of perishable items for shelter clients.

Diocese of Ontario Refugee Settlement – pantry stocking for a family of 5.

Elizabeth Fry Society – food for drop-in and community kitchen.

Helen Tufts Nursery School – baking, cooking and snack preparation with the children.

Home Base Housing – Lily’s Family Shelter – purchase of dairy products for shelter’s young residents.

Home Base Housing – One Roof Youth Service Hub – purchase of food daily lunch for homeless youth.

Limestone District School Board – Enterprise Public School – creation of a school GROW garden.

Martha’s Table – food supplies for weekend meal provision to clients.

Queen’s Music – Sistema Kingston – healthy snacks for children in after school program.

South Frontenac Community Services – skill building with isolated senior food bank clients.

The Mess Open Arts Studio – Gill Hall renovation Rural Frontenac Community Services – provision of emergency food vouchers for clients.

YMCA of Kingston – Now You’re Cooking program with Grade 4 classes.

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