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Spring 2022 Community Grants



More details about our Spring Granting (including application forms) will be available
on our website in December 2021.

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Our broadest granting program which provides grants each year to support projects undertaken by charitable organizations within the greater Kingston area. It is funded each year from earnings on our pooled Community Fund, Smart & Caring Community Fund, and over 50 individual endowment funds established by our generous donors.

Twice a year, applications are invited for project proposals, which are reviewed by our local volunteer Grants Committee.

Application forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Applications are accepted until 4:30 PM on February 15th of each year (for the spring grants round) and until 4:30 PM on September 15th of each year (for the fall grants round). In years in which a submission deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline will move to the first working day following these dates.

Expect to receive a confirmation email from the Grants Coordinator within two business days of submitting your application. If the applicant does not receive a confirmation of receipt email, it is the responsibility of the applicant to follow up with the Grants Coordinator.

Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Fields of Interest

The Community Grants program provides grants in all the Foundation’s fields of interest: Arts and Culture, Community Development, Education and Literacy, Environment, Health and Social Services, Heritage Preservation, Recreation, Youth, and Children’s Mental Health.

The Foundation’s Smart & Caring Community Priorities have been refreshed to more succinctly describe the community impact we are looking to have. CFKA continues to provide grants in all Fields of Interest, however preference may be given to projects that align with the Smart & Caring Community Priority areas.

The current Smart & Caring Community Priorities are to build resilience in individuals, families, and communities and increase belonging and wellbeing within our community. Click here for details.


Geographic Area

City of Kingston

Loyalist Township

Township of Central Frontenac

Township of Frontenac Islands

Township of North Frontenac

Township of South Frontenac

Environmental projects must lie within this area and/or in the Cataraqui Watershed.

Children’s Mental Health projects may be in the above or in Lennox & Addington County.


Specific Eligibility Criteria 

All projects must:

  • Have a well-defined purpose
  • Clearly explain and demonstrate financial need
  • Meet the eligibility criteria that applies to all CFKA’s granting programs

All New, Enhanced, or Expanded projects must take place within one year of receiving the grant.

In our Fall 2021 Community Grants Program, applicant organizations may once again apply for an Emergency Operational Support grant for program delivery during COVID-19 for an existing project, program, or initiative. This grant is limited to a maximum of 20% of the annual cost, to a maximum of $15,000 per organization. The funds should be used within one year of receiving the grant.

Any final reports due for previous completed projects funded by the Foundation must have been received and approved.

Grants for the following will not be considered:

  • to cover deficits or retire debts;
  • to provide endowment funds;
  • for sectarian, religious, or political purposes;
  • to respond to annual fund drives for sustaining support.

Grants will not normally be given:

  • to contribute to major renovation or capital construction costs;
  • to individuals;
  • to provide money for fundraising activities;
  • to support the operating expenses of established organizations or programs (including predictable replacement of office equipment).

Preference is given to new initiatives, particularly ones that address our Smart & Caring Community Priorities. Click here for details.

Application Process

The Applicant Guide, Application Forms and Budget Form will be available at the bottom of this page in December 2021. The application deadline is February 15th of each year (for the spring grants round) and September 15th of each year (for the fall grants round) until 4:30 PM.

We hold a Community Grants information session for applicants in advance of each round. Please ensure you are on our grants mailing list if you would like to receive notification of this event and/or other updates on our Community Grants program or other funding opportunities we become aware of. 

Submit the application in electronic format ONLY by emailing the completed application package to Paper submissions are no longer required. The Subject Line of the email should include the granting round you are applying for along with “Community Grants Application” (ex. SPRI2022 Community Grants Application).

Expect to receive a confirmation email from the Grants Coordinator within two business days. If the applicant does not receive a confirmation of receipt email, it is the responsibility of the applicant to follow up with the Grants Coordinator no later than February 17th or September 17th (depending on the grants round) at 4:30 PM.

Once you submit your application it is reviewed for completeness and eligibility by our Grants Coordinator. If all is in order, the application is reviewed by our experienced and knowledgeable grants committee who make a recommendation to the Community Foundation Board of Directors.  The Board will then make the final approval. Applicants are notified either way of the success of their application. Grantees are invited to a grants celebration to receive their cheque in May or December. The entire process, from deadline to cheque in hand, takes about 3 months.

We strongly encourage you to read and follow the guidelines provided below in order to ensure that your application has every chance of success. More information about the process is available in these guidelines.

Grant Agreements & Final Reporting

If you are awarded a grant, you will be required to sign a Grant Agreement Form outlining the Terms and Conditions of the grant before you will receive your cheque.

Upon completion of your project, you are required to complete a Final Report within 30 days to be submitted to the Community Foundation. The Final Report is intended to help you evaluate the initiative and to help us evaluate the effectiveness and impact of our grants on enhancing and strengthening the quality of life in our community. See Next Steps for more information.

Downloads for Fall 2021:

Fall 2021 Community Grant Forms

Please review the Applicant Guide if you are unsure of which form to use.

Community Grants Applicant Guide

Community Grants Project or Emergency Operational Support Application Form

Community Grants Equipment Only Application Form

Community Grants Budget Form

Confirmation of Partnership Agreement Form

Information Session Slide Show


If you have questions, please contact Yu Jier Kou, our Grants Coordinator, in advance of the deadlines at or 613.546.9696. 

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