Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)


What are ACEs?

ACEs have been described as the public health crisis of our time.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are negative, stressful, traumatizing events that a person experiences before the age of 18 and are associated with life-long physical and mental health risks.

The negative effects on health and wellbeing associated with ACEs are predictable; if they are predictable, they are preventable. As a community, we may want to focus our efforts on supporting families to build on their capabilities and foster protective factors in order to increase positive outcomes for children and youth.

“We are working to change the social norm of ‘What’s wrong with you?’ to ‘What happened to you?’”

– Dr. Meredith MacKenzie (Family Physician, Street Health Centre, Kingston)

Our Response

The Community Foundation is committed to improving the health and social wellbeing of our community, which includes limiting the negative health and social outcomes associated with ACEs.

We have already helped to raise community awareness about ACEs through our Speaker Series and Community Insights publication. The Foundation also provides funding to numerous community projects that address issues faced by children, youth and families.

By using our voice and our network to elevate the ACEs message, and by helping to bring together people and organizations working in this space, we hope to spark further conversations and actions within our community.


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