Types of Funds

We offer a number of different types of funds for you to choose from to best meet your interests and how engaged in the annual granting process you wish to be.

Community Fund – pool your money with others to help fund a variety of local community projects in all our fields of interest through our established Community Grants Program. As a permanent endowment fund, your dollars will continue to benefit the community forever.

Smart & Caring Community Fund – invest in local projects that address areas of identified need in our community. Current priorities include: Getting Started in the Community, Food Security, and Community Engagement. Established using our ‘enhanced spending’ option, these funds are designed to get more money out into the community each year where they are needed most.

Field of Interest Fund – you dedicate your funds to support community projects in any of our nine fields of interest (arts & culture, youth, environment etc.), selected through our Community Grants Program.

Donor Advised Fund – you can make grants to any registered Canadian charities that you would like to support; or choose to work with our team to identify and evaluate local projects on your behalf, ensuring your dollars will have the most impact.

Designated Fund – you specify the charity or charities you wish your fund to support in perpetuity through annual grant payments.

Agency Fund – support your favorite local charity by donating to their endowment fund held at the Community Foundation which provides them with a sustainable source of long-term funding.

Operating Endowment Fund – if you believe in the work we do, you can help sustain the Community Foundation’s long term operations by providing us with critical administration funding.

For each fund type, you have the option of establishing it as a permanent endowment fund (a ‘forever fund’) or select our new ‘enhanced spending option’ which will draw down capital over time, so it won’t last forever, but will see more money granted out each year while still lasting a long time.

We would be happy to speak with you to discuss your interests and help you determine which fund type and payout option best meets your wishes. You can contact us at 613.546.9696 or by email at info@cfka.org.

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