Volunteer Opportunities  


The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area has many programs, most run by volunteers. These volunteers are vital: from managing our investments to helping our office run smoothly. Individuals contribute time, energy, professional insight and experience, up front and behind the scenes. It is because of our over 70 active volunteers that we are able to serve our community as well as we do.


What Our Volunteers Are Saying

“I believe in the Foundation’s mission, vision, and seeing first hand the commitment of staff and volunteers. I also like that there are so many different kinds of volunteer opportunities.”

“I like knowing that I make a contribution that has a positive impact on my community.”

“I enjoy working with so many other enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers.”

“Community is important to me, and the work of the Foundation supports community groups and non-profits… we all benefit.”

“I like that the Foundation supports a variety of activities in the community, and the group I volunteer with are highly professional and competent in executing their duties.”

“It’s such an important community asset that it is very worthwhile to participate so that it can thrive.”

Apply Now!

We are always looking for new volunteers to breathe fresh ideas into our organization, committees and events as they are a vital part of the Foundation. Fill in the volunteer application found below and discover who you are as a volunteer and where you fit in!

Community Foundation for Kingston & Area