Local Charities now more Cyber Secure Savvy

Mar 7, 2019

“Did you know that the odds of experiencing a cyber breach are 1 in 2? ”

Thank you to Andy Larin, Cameron Matheson and their team at allCare IT for partnering with us to deliver two free seminars for local charities/non-profits on “Cyber Security – What you Need to Know”.  

25 people representing 18 local organizations learned what cyber threats exist, their specific impact on not-for-profits, and about protective measures that can be taken to safeguard their organization and the confidential data that they hold (think data on donors, volunteers, staff, clients, and banking/ financial information).

Did you know that the odds of experiencing a cyber breach are 1 in 2?  It was highlighted that these threats must be addressed at an executive level, not just at an IT level.  Implementing many layers of protection is the best defense. 

While the overall picture can be intimidating, there are some very simple yet powerful and low-cost steps that organizations can start with to safeguard their data.  

Since 80% of hacking related breaches leverage either stolen or weak passwords, choose strong and unique passwords saved in a password safe (LastPass has a free version and there are excellent paid for services such as 1Password or Myglue – talk to allCare IT or your service provider to learn more).  

And since the weakest link for cyber security is people, training staff to be aware of the risks such as phishing scams is essential.

We are pleased to share resources from this seminar:

Thank you to allCare IT and all who attended to make these seminars a success.

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