A Heartfelt Tribute: The Andy Endowment Fund

In the heart of Kingston, Ontario, exists a remarkable story of enduring friendship, steadfast community support, and the relentless pursuit of making a difference. The story begins with a beloved son named Andy George, whose life was tragically cut short by leukemia at the tender age of eight. Little did anyone know that his legacy would inspire a group of dedicated individuals to embark on a 24-year journey of compassion and philanthropy, known as “The Andy Fund”.
The Andy Fund, a dynamic fundraising group, was born from the grief of Andy’s passing. Led by two determined parents and a group of devoted friends, their mission was clear: to raise funds for leukemia research and local cancer-related projects. Over the years, they organized numerous events and tirelessly fundraised, ultimately amassing over one million dollars for their cause.
In 2010, as the Andy Fund transitioned into retirement, they embarked on a new chapter. They established the “Andy Endowment Fund” within the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area (CFKA). This endowment fund ensured that their legacy would endure, helping families with unexpected expenses that arise when a child has cancer, in perpetuity.
One of their final endeavors was a pledge of $150,000 to create a children’s playroom at the Pediatric Oncology Clinic in Kingston’s Cancer Centre. This gift gave The Andy Fund the naming rights to the children’s playroom, acting as a beacon of hope and comfort for young patients and their families while bearing The Andy Fund’s name, a touching tribute to the young boy who inspired it all.
As The Andy Fund retired, their legacy lives on through their endowment fund within CFKA. The earnings interest generated from this fund continues to support the Children’s Cancer Patient Support Fund, assisting families facing unexpected expenses when a child is diagnosed with cancer.
Andy’s memory lives on not only in the hearts of those who loved him but also through the enduring impact of The Andy Endowment Fund. Their story serves as a testament to the power of friendship, community, and the extraordinary difference that can be made when people come together with a shared purpose. It’s a legacy that Andy would undoubtedly be proud of—a legacy of love, compassion, and hope.

Community Foundation for Kingston & Area