Where are they now?

Dec 23, 2020 | Featured, Foundation News/Updates

Where are they now? Reconnecting with former CFKA leaders.
As part of our 25th Anniversary year, we re-connected with former Executive Directors of the Community Foundation to see what they were up to now. We invited them to share memories of their time at the helm of the Foundation. 
If you missed any, you can access their updates here:
Katherine Manley (1996 to 2000)
Monica Stewart (2000 to 2002)
Ian Fraser/ Henry Meyer (Board members who served as Interim Executive Directors in 2003)
Glenn Stresman (2004 to 2009)
Vikram Varma (2009 to 2013)
We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the Foundation’s MANY volunteer Board of Directors who have served over the past 25 years.
Going through our archives, we have compiled the following list of 90 Directors, listed below in alphabetical order. Please let us know if you see any errors or omissions
The past has a role in shaping the future. We are grateful to all the Foundation’s former leaders – both staff and volunteer – for their many contributions that have helped make the Foundation the strong organization it is today.
CFKA Board of Directors (1995-current)

* denotes current Board member
HLM = Honorary Life Member  

Larry Aitken

Peter Aykroyd

Marilyn Banting

*Gayle Barr

*Sue Bates

Michael Bell (HLM)

Gary Bennett

Wilma  Bernabei

Gerald Brake

*Julie Burch

Anne Butler

Florence Campbell (HLM)

*Chris Chard

Jacquie Costron

David Cox

Al Crago

Tina Dacin

Chander Datta

Merv Daub

Gregory Davies

Michael Davies (HLM)

Walter  Fenlon

*Peter Finnegan

Greg Fisher (HLM)

Eveline Flint (HLM)

Ian Fraser

Brad French

*Ian Gemmill

Peter Gibson

Jack Giliffilan

Catherine Gold

Lin Good

Virginia Gordon (HLM)

Michael Greenwood

Lynn Harding

Bill Harris

Peter Hartel

Elisabeth Heney

Mary Ann Higgs

*Kalen Ingram

Ameena Jaffer

Lyndon Jones

Diane Kelly

*Richard Kizell

*Monica LaBarge

Fred Laflamme

Joanne Langlois

Mark LeBlanc

Tom Lodge

Linda Lysne

Jan MacDonald

Judith MacKenzie

Ross Maclean

Mark McDonald

Chris McElvaine

Henry Meyer

Scott Miller

John Morse

Katrina Murphy

Dan Norman

Brian Osborne

Bryce Parisotto

Bill Peterson

Helene Pratt

Bob Pritchard

Marc Raymond

Jay Rayner

Erna Redekopp

Doug Ritchie

Regina Rosen

Geoff Sandiford

Grace Schwarten

Melissa Seal

Derek Shelly

Melanie Steers

Bruce Stickle

*George Thomson

Herbert Walsh

*Jonathan Warren

Sue Waywell

Chris West

Rod White

Tom Wightman

Kelly Wiley

Tom Williams

Chrystal Wilson

John Wilson

*Rob Wood

*George Wright

Margaret Zakos


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