The Ruth and Stu Barton Community & Environmental Funds

Nov 23, 2016

“The breadth of the Foundation appealed to them, as did the idea of a lasting legacy.”

ruth-bartonRuth Barton called our first Executive Director, Katherine Manley, in the spring of 1996. She and her husband Stuart had read about us in The Kingston Whig-Standard and they wanted to learn more. Having no children, they planned to leave their estate to the community. The breadth of the Foundation appealed to them, as did the idea of a lasting legacy. Ruth talked about their love of drama and of their commitment to our community.

It was early days for the Foundation. We had no brochures or printed materials, so Katherine sent a letter with more information and kept in touch. Sadly, Stuart died within months and when Katherine phoned with her condolences, she invited Ruth to attend our AGM.

Later, Ruth joined our Grants Committee and for the next few years enjoyed her association with the Community Foundation, until her untimely death. It was then we learned of the generous donation of over $500,000 that she had left to Kingston through the Foundation.

Officially retired several years earlier from the Children’s Aid Society, Ruth responded until the time of her illness to requests to work with troubled children.

In February 2003, the First Annual “Healthy Families – Healthy Community” Kingston Base Commander’s Luncheon and lecture was jointly and proudly sponsored by the Foundation and the Military Family Resource Centre in honour of Ruth Barton.


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