Talking with Your Clients


Let us help you, help your client.

“The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area provides a convenient and flexible way for your clients to realize their philanthropic goals”.

With 84%* of Canadians contributing to charity on an annual basis, charitable giving is becoming an increasingly important part of your client’s overall financial and estate planning requirements. That’s why discussing philanthropy is more important than ever. And when you discuss philanthropy with your clients, you’ll not only have an opportunity to build a closer relationship, you’ll learn about their passions and interests as well as their vision for a better tomorrow. (*Source: Statistics Canada)

A growing number of professional advisors are partnering with the Foundation because we provide the benefit of talking about philanthropy and our community needs in general, without recommending a specific cause. Unlike other charities that support a specific cause or issue, our mandate is to support the entire charitable sector in the greater Kingston area. In addition, we have the ability to grant to any registered charity in Canada.

With extensive expertise in investments and effective grant making, the Foundation serves as a conduit for your client’s philanthropy. We support individual donors by customizing endowment funds that support their favourite charities and causes – either perpetuity, or through our ‘enhanced spending’ option where capital can be drawn down over time.

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