New Funds – Kingston Field Naturalists

Sep 20, 2017

“Our goal is to work towards a total endowment which would generate enough annual income to guarantee the future of our nature reserves, and allow us to continue our habitat preservation activities” Larry McCurdy, KFN Treasurer

The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area is pleased to now hold two funds for the Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN): the Environmental Protection Fund and the Marion Webb Fund.

The Marion Webb Fund is an existing named endowment fund held by the KFN which was established by a donor to provide income to support the KFN’s ownership and stewardship of its nature reserves.

Income from the KFN Environmental Protection Fund will be used to support the KFN’s active commitment to protect and preserve wildlife and wildlife habitat in the Kingston region.

The KFN had been managing these two funds themselves for years, but decided to move the funds to the Foundation for administration to benefit from the Community Foundation’s experience and expertise in fund management.

“We feel that this is a safe, effective way to manage our endowment funds for the long term, and to reduce the workload for our volunteer board members,” said KFN’s Treasurer, Larry McCurdy.

To donate to the KFN Environmental Protection Fund, click here.  To donate to the KFN Marion Webb Fund click here. Your gift will help to ensure that there will always be a place for wildlife in the Kingston region.


We are pleased to now manage endowment funds for 26 local charities.

Local charities can benefit by having the Foundation manage endowment funds for them; allowing them to create a steady source of annual income, and to gain from the Foundation’s professional investment management and reporting.

Transferring existing endowment funds to the Foundation to manage, as KFN has done, frees up their time and resources so they can focus on what they do best.

Donations to any of our funds can be made on-line through our website or by calling 613.546.9696. Click here to see the local charities that we are proud to hold endowment funds for.


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