150 Smart & Caring Donors ~ Become One

A unique opportunity to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation and make our community Smart & Caring for years to come.

The Challenge

The Governor General of Canada challenged community foundations across Canada to make our nation’s communities Smart & Caring. This historic moment affords us the opportunity to set our sights higher! We can do this with your help. To read more about the Governor General’s challenge, click here.


Our Response

A new type of fund – one designed to get more money, more quickly, to projects and programs where it is needed most. A bold legacy gift to our community in honour of Canada’s 150th.


By Investing In

1. Getting Started – Giving children, youth and newcomers a strong start to life in our community by focusing on:

  • Supporting strong early childhood development (years 0-6) to ensure that children are school ready
  • Helping youth achieve strong mental health, resiliency, and success in academic, training and employment pursuits
  • Ensuring newcomers feel welcomed in and connected to our community, and helping them access employment and services needed to thrive in their new home

2. Food Security – Supporting systems-level change to reduce food insecurity in our community by:

  • Increasing access to healthy and culturally appropriate food
  • Providing opportunities for gaining food skills, learning about food choices and exploring ideas that enhance food security

3. Community Engagement – To increase our collective sense of belonging and wellbeing by inspiring everyone to be active participants in our communities, with a particular focus on:

  • Supporting the Truth & Reconciliation process
  • Actively seeking to engage those in our community who may otherwise not have participated (for example, but not limited to Indigenous, seniors, youth, LGBTQ, the disabled, low income individuals and families)
  • Reducing social isolation
  • Encouraging organizations and groups to be (more) diverse and inclusive


Our Smart & Caring Community Fund is a nimble, flexible and responsive fund, so you can see the impact in our community quickly. We invite you to be Smart & Caring!



Flexible funding allows us to respond quickly to emerging community needs… Community Engagement. When Kingston was rallying to prepare for the arrival of numerous Syrian refugees, a new need emerged to coordinate the activities of the many groups aiding their settlement. The Community Foundation was a “first” funder; it provided a $5,000 grant to hire a coordinator to support the newly created “Refugee Service Providers Network,” a network that continues to fulfill a community need.

Meeting the need for Food Security… Over 20,000 people live in poverty in the City of Kingston. With a Foundation grant, Loving Spoonful piloted a “gleaning” project where volunteers harvested the residue crops of local farms. The result? Over 8,000 pounds of fresh produce delivered to 25 local meal programs and shelters – that’s equal to 8,000 healthy meals!

“Without the support of the Foundation, this project wouldn’t happen – plain and simple…” said Shawn Quigley, Executive Director of Youth Diversion Program after receiving a $25, 328 grant for a new Addiction Literacy Program for students in grades 6, 7 and 8 in anticipation of the legalization of marijuana in Canada. “This funding is crucial for us to be able to deliver early intervention and prevention programs. It is what we all want, but it tends to be the last thing funded.” We make Getting Started happen.


Our Goal

150 Donors at $10,000 each = $1,500,000.

Show your passion for your community be one of the 150 Smart & Caring donors to pledge $10,000. Together let’s create a $1.5 million fund – a significant, collective legacy birthday gift to our community – Canada’s first capital. A unique opportunity to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation and make our community Smart & Caring for years to come.


Your Part

Here are some ways you can become a Smart & Caring donor: pick the smart option for you.

To recognize your generosity, you will be listed permanently as a contributor to the Smart & Caring Community Fund.

For more information, please contact our office directly at 613.546.9696 or by email info@cfka.org.


Your Smart & Caring Gift will support…

A wide range of charities and projects in Kingston and area doing good through our 360 Degree Granting Program.

To date, the Community Foundation has funded 320 local charities and hundreds and hundreds of projects in Kingston and area through our Community Grants program. With your support, we will be able to do more!



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